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Why donations are required?

A patientís medical needs are often greater than their ability to pay. The vision of the hospital is to provide world class medical facilities to the patients irrespective of their economic and social background for the purpose of building up a strong and healthy society. This would be incomplete without vital support from kind hearted supporters like you. There are several ways how you can help and make life a little easier for people who are not as fortunate.


How you can help

We appreciate your help and support in these distinct categories:

1.Support in cash for sponsoring activities in the hospital

2.Support in Kind in terms of equipment. Medicines and Other help


Support in CASH

  • Gift a patient support activity like supporting for a test, operation, delivery, medicines etc. Please refer the chart of activities

  • Support the new development projects for extending new facilities like

    1. Construction of modern inpatient and outpatient services building - Budget Rs. 3,60,00,000 ($800,000)

    2. Creation of a radiotherapy facility with Cobalt unit - Budget Rs. 4,50,00,000 ($1,000,000)

    3. Centralized administrative facility with training, conference rooms, video conferencing, doctorsí rooms to enrich patient communications and services Rs. 2,25,00,000 ($500,000)

    4. Increase capacity of Pediatric and neonatal units by 100% Budget Rs. 45,00,000 ($100,000)

    5. Nursing college -Initial Budget Rs. 1,12,50,000 ($250,000)

    6. Professional courses for X-Ray technicians, Dieticians, Optometrists, Physiotherapists

  • Make a gift in honor of your loved one or special occasion

  • General donations to provide seed money for helping patient services


Put your money to change a life

1) Celebrate the birthday of your child

- Sponsor nutritious snack for children for one week Rs. 12,000 ($266)
- Sponsor a children health camp in a village- Rs. 45,000 ($1,000)
- Sponsor child inoculation in a village - Rs. 4500 ($100)

2) Remember your parents / Grand parents

- Help the eyesight( cataract) Rs. 1500 ($35)
- Let the elderly smile( Dental help) Rs. 1500 ($35)
- Screen a village for Diabetes Rs. 15000($350)
- Ease a life for elderly ( Prostrate surgery) - Rs. 15000 ($350)
- Comfort a Cancer patient ( Chemotherapy) - Rs. 90000($2000)

3) Celebrate your wedding anniversary

- Help a life( delivery of pregnant woman) Rs. 1500 ($35)
- Help life celebrate( Blood collection drive) Rs. 45000( $1000)
- Let knowledge spread( Health education camp day) Rs. 15000($350)
- Let the angel visit(Visit of a specialist for a day) Rs. 15000($350)
- Let life bloom( Complete care during pregnancy) Rs. 10000($250)

4)Celebrate the EVENT- 50th Birthday, 25th anniversary, Wedding
Birth of a child, Promotion

- Let life flow( Partial equipment for lab) Rs. 9000($200)
- Comfort the sufferings( Partial Ward equipment) Rs. 4500($100)
- Promote health(Sponsor a day in lab) Rs. 45000($1000)


Support in Kind

  • Provide equipment for the facilities like Dialysis machines, path lab equipment, OT equipment

  • Pathology test kits

  • Medicines & preventing care supplies

  • Blankets, sheets, ward furniture

  • Companies like surgical manufacturing companies can donate / sponsor equipment.


  • If you are a Medical specialist provide once / twice a month / week services to the patients.

  • Make yourselves available for consultation for the local doctors.

  • Train the doctors for the new technologies and techniques.

  • Spend some time with us: Doctors can spend some time with us helping the cause. You can spend 7 days / 1 month / few months / 1 year / few years providing your expertise to the patients.

How hospital is going to use your donations?

Donations are always used directly for the patients. The donations are used to take care of the expense of surgery, for medicines, ventilators etc.


Where to send your money

Your donations can be sent to the trust at the following address -
Shri Vikas Walawalkar
Trustee, Shree Vithalrao Joshi Charities Trust
"Parijat", Gokhale Road (North),
Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400028. India.
Tel. 91-22-2430 0232
Fax 91-22-2430 8222
email svjcharitiestrust@yahoo.co.in

Donations from USA

Tax exemptions for donations from USA


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