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Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust's

Bhaktashreshtha Kamalakarpant Laxman Walawalkar Hospital and Diagnostic Centre

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Brief Profile

Hospital View


To provide locally, both basic as well as state of the art health services for poor and needy people of the Konkan area at a very affordable price.LocationOn the Mumbai - Goa highway, 16 km. From Chiplun towards Ratnagiri and 80 km. From Ratnagiri towards Mumbai.

Area covered

Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Raigad Districts of Maharashtra.

Postal Address

Shree Kshetra Dervan, Tal-Chiplun,

Dist-Ratnagiri(MS)-415606 (Western India)

Tel.No.264137/264149/264049Fax No.64181 STD code-02355

Title and Ownership

The hospital belongs to Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust, Registered under No: E-6678 (Mumbai) under the public Trust Act. The tenure of the land is free hold without any encumbrances.

Area of Land

Total area :150 acres
Area of hospital:7 acres
Total Built-up Area:(approx) 20720 sq.m.


1st February 1996

Management Team

The Trust and hospital is managed by Trustees.

  • Shree Ashokrao Rughunath Joshi, (Shree Sadguru Kaka Maharaj), Mumbai.
  • Shri Vikas Kamalakar Walawalkar, Mumbai.
  • Dr. Sudhir Srinivas Joshi, Mumbai.
  • Shri Madhav Govind Mule, Pune.
  • Shri Prabhakar Raghunath Kajarekar, Pune.

Main Features

250 Bedded Multi-Unit Referral Centre with basic as well as Ultra Modern Facilities. All consultants are full time and are not allowed private practice.

Emergency Services are available for 24 hours. Hospital provides residential quarters to all consultants, Nurses and other staff, so it enables them to attend the patients for 24 hours a day whenever needed.

Out Patient Department

OphthalmologyCommunity health dept
Obstetric & GynaecologyE.N.T.Industrial Health Dept

Referral Diagnostic Centre

The hospital is equipped with CT scanner, Ultrasound Machine, 2 D Echo, Colour Doppler, X-Ray Machine, Stress Test, Audiometry, Automated Cell Counter, Biochemistry Auto analyzer, Elisa Machine, Flame Photometer, Microtome, Scopes( Gastroscope, Laproscope, Cystoscope, Uretero Renoscope, Orthroscope, Sigmoidoscope, Rigid Bronchoscope) and thus serves as a major local referral centre for various diagnostic tests for patient of Konkan area.

Medical Facilities

Casualty Department

Male Ward, Female Ward, Maternity Ward, Paediatric Ward, Private Rooms, I.C.U., N.I.C.U., Surgical I.C.U., Haemodialysis Unit, Radiology Department, Pathology Department, Blood Bank, Eye Bank, Microbiology Laboratory.

Trauma Centre

The hospital is located on the busy Mumbai - Goa Highway and cares to many motor vehicle accidents. The trauma team consists of 2 General Surgeons, 2 Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2 Anaesthesiologists, 2 Medical Officers, Trained intensive trauma unit nurses, which are mobilized at a very short notice.

Preventive Medicine

Fully functional preventive medicine department in hospital, which also caters to the surrounding area.

Total Body Profile

Includes 23 pathology tests, ECG, Abdominal USG, Chest X-ray done for Rs.1300/- ($23) only. There are full time 23 doctors & 16 Honouray Visiting Super-Speciality consultants

Routine Work done in different Departments

Department of Radiology

Department is fully equipped with C.T. Scanner with laser camera, Colour Doppler Machine, 300 M.A. X- ray Machine, Portable X- ray Machine and Auto Film Developer Machine.

Investigations done are C.T. Scan of any part of body (C.T. Myelogram, C.T.Brain, C.T. Chest, C.T. Spine, C.T. Abdomen, C.T. Orbit, C.T. Knee, C.T. Shoulder etc.). C.T. guided Biopsies, Intravenous Pyelography, Barium Meal, Ultrasound Sonography, 2 - D Echocardiography, Colour Doppler Study etc.

Department of Pathology

Department is equipped with Auto analyzer, 16 Parameter Blood Cell Counter, Elisa Reader, Flame Photometer Microtome etc. Hospital is recognized centre for Cancer detection; Malaria and Typhoid prevention. Well equipped Histopathology and Microbiology Laboratory is available.

Department of Blood Bank

Started on 27th August 2000. 2 storage freeze, Dielectric Tube Sealer, ELISA reader, Elisa automated washer, centrifuge, oven incubator, VDRL shaker are available.2 blood transfusion officers and 3 blood bank technicians are working in department.

Department of Haemodialysis

Four Haemodialysis Machines (2 COBE & 2 BAXTER)-Acetate & Bicarbonate dialysis for A) Acute Renal failure - Viper Snake bite, Obstructive Uropathy, Poisoning. B) Chronic Renal failure-DM Nephropathy, Disseminated Koch's Hypertensive nephropathy, multiple myeloma with C.R.F.

Peritoneal Dialysis for A.R.F. Patients

Water purification plant. Demineralised water filtration plants are provided for supply of pure water.

Department of Medicine

Intensive Care Unit has 10 beds. ICU is equipped with Cardiac Beds, Cardiac Monitors, Pulse-Ox Machine, Cardiac Defibrillators, Ventilators, Temporary Pace Maker facility, Oxygen facility etc. I.C.U. Team-2 Anesthetist, 1 Medical Officer, 3 trained staff nurses are on 24 hour duty. Myocardial Infarction cases, poisoning cases, scorpion sting, snake bite, kidney failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, intracerebral bleed, acute respiratory distress syndrome etc cases are treated in I.C.U. Computerised Stress Test Installed on 2nd Oct 2000. 2D Echocardiography and Colour Doppler for cardiac patient.

Department of Paediatric

Neonatal Intensive care unit with 8 incubators. Facilities of exchange transfusion, phototherapy are available. Low-birth weight babies, Intra-Uterine growth retarded babies, Birth asphyxia babies, Congenital Duodenal Atresia, Congenital diaphragmatic Hernia, Congenital Imperforated Anus etc. babies are treated here. General Paediatric and Paediatric Haemato-Oncology facilities are available.

Department of Surgery & Orthopaedics

Two Operation theaters are available. Theatres are well equipped with Boyle's machine, cautries, cardiac monitors, Pulse-Ox machine, Image Intensifier, Auto Operation Theatre tables and all types of scopes (Cystoscope, Uretero-Renoscope, Gastroscope, Laproscope, Orthroscope and Rigid Bronchoscope). Surgeries like Cancer surgeries, Plastic surgeries, renal stone operations, laproscopic operations, Caserian Section, Onco-surgeries, Spine surgeries, Elisarao operations, Hip and knee replacement operations, Trauma cases are routinely done.

Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Deliveries, Painless labour, L.S.C.S., and routine emergencies. First normal delivery done free of cost. Package deal for Caesarian ($150). Free Laproscopic Tubal Ligation. Routine as well as Gynaec, Onco-surgeries, Laproscopic Hysterectomies are done.

Department of Preventive medicine

School Health Surveys, Vaccination, Immunization, Infection Control, Community Health, Maternal and Child Health Project.
Minor Research Projects (M.R.P.) conducted
Malnutrition Project

Care of malnutrition cases in pregnancy, lactating mothers and children under five years.

Five villages (Dervan, Asurde, Ambetkhol, Agawe and Hadkani) were selected. Nutritious Ladoos were distributed to malnourished children and pregnant and lactating mothers. Three Ladoos per day are distributed. Health education, nutrition demonstration, infection control etc. lectures are delivered to villagers.
Cleft Lip Project

Qualitative Medical Care in management of Cleft Lip & Palate patients.

B.K.L.Walawalkar Hospital,Dervan is the sole agency responsible for executing the project in consultation with T.F.W.(Transforming Faces Worldwide, Canada)

This project is implemented since 2000. This is the only Hospital in Konkan Area providing such a specialised plastic surgery service. Cleft lip and Palate camp is held on quarterly basis at this Hospital.This is possible only with team work of Dr. Ravin Thatte, plastic surgeon, Dr. Lalita Naik and Dr. Sheetal Jagtap, anaesthetist, visiting regularly and working in close co-ordination with surgeons paediatricions and anaesthestist at the Hospital.

In babies, with cleft deformity upto the age of four months, repair of lip, soft palate and vomer flap is undertaken. Remaining treatment for lip deformity and rhinoplasty is completed before the child completes one year of age.

Up till now 147 Cleft lip & cleft Palate patients came for consultation to the Hospital and 88 Patients have been successfully operated on.

All these cases have been operated free of cost. Because of the successful operations, the awareness is increasing in the area and the belief that it is an incurable condition is slowly disappearing. Thanks to the good operative results seen by villagers in the nearby area. All types of repairs have been successfully done at Walawalkar Hospital because of teamwork and availability of well-equipped operation theatres.

The overall aim is to carry out a preventive, curative and rehabilitative programme for cleft lip and palate patients. In addition to identifying, treating and rehabilitating cleft lip and palate patients,, this project's objectives include increasing community awareness of cleft lip and palate and carrying out research to look into the causes of this disorders. In order to meet the needs of this project, a new paedric surgery ward will be constructed in the already existing campus.


Workshops were arranged for Anganwadi Workers, nursing, school students and hospital nursing staff.

Department of Ophthalmology

Department is well equipped with 2 operating microscopes, A-Scan, Keratometer, Slit Lamp etc. Cataract operations with IOL implantation, squint surgeries etc. are routinely performed.

Recently Eye Bank has been started.

E.N.T. Department

Surgeries on Nose, Ear and Throat are routinely performed. Audiometry test is available.

Department of Dentistry

Extraction, Cleaning, Dentures, Root canalling, Bridges & routine dental work.

Department of Pharmacy

All Medicine & surgical instruments available & sold at MRP without taxation. Free tuberculosis medicines are provided by the hospital for the entire course.

Laundry Department

Washing machine, Boiler, Hydro Dryer, are available for hospital linen.

Generator / Electricity Department :- Three generators are provided for maintaining continuous electric supply in absence of government electricity. Capacity of generators is 180 KVa, 50KVa, and 30KVa. Stabilizers are provided to all major equipment. Therefore, work not affected by frequent power cuts or frequent voltage fluctuations.

Water supply Department

Two over head & two under ground water tanks having storage capacity of 1 lakh litters each. Thus, providing continuous tap water supply to hospital and residential campus.

Non Medical Facilities

Canteen facility

Nutritious , wholesome food served at subsidised rates.All canteen workers are vaccinated for typhoid, HBV and given antihelmenthics.

Facilities for patients' relatives

Free separate accommodation with attached toilets for male & female relatives. Common kitchen for preparing food.

Free residential quarters for hospital staff ( Doctors, Nurses & Labour)

Hospital also provides free electricity & water. Well -furnished four rooms flat for consultants, three room for paramedical staff. All flats are connected with cable T.V. Connection. Recreation hall, Library, Table Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Volleyball Court, Carom, Chess, Gym for exercise are also provided.

Grocery Shop

Goods sold in this shop are of good quality and at lower rates.

Communication Center

S.T.D. Booth facility service available 24 hrs.


English Medium Primary School, especially started for hospital staff (but also open for local children) has more than 400 students from nursery to fifth standard.
Swami Samarth Nursing School
Started from Feb 2001.

Two types of courses are available.

A.N.M. - It is 1 & 1/2 years duration training course.

G.N.M. - (General Nursing Midwifery) - It is three years duration training course.

At present 60 Nursing students are learning in college. Trust has constructed a very nice building for Nursing College, Hostel and Mess.

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