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Shri Vithalrao Joshi Charities Trust's English Medium Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Dervan

Shri Vithalrao Joshi Charities Trustís English Medium School was established in November 1996.

maharajIt provides educational instructions on four levels - Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Junior College. Children come from Savarda, Sangmeshwar, Chiplun, Dapoli, Lanja, Mumbai and many surrounding clusters of Dervan. The school was started initially to provide educational facility to the children of the staff members of B K L. Walawalkar Hospital run by the Trust at Dervan. The Trustís Management was quick enough to realize the need to educate the children around Dervan. The quality of education around Dervan was in a pathetic state. The parents needed to be convinced to send their children regularly to school. They also needed to be convinced that educating their children will eventually be beneficial to them. The efforts have yielded fruits in the form of the development of the students and the school today.
Residential accommodation, if needed is provided for girls and boys in different dormitories. We believe in 'right to education' for boys and girls irrespective of their caste and religion. The S.V.J.C.Trust believes that if India has to become a powerful nation then we must try to reach maximum number of young ones through "affordable education". So we try our best to charge the minimum fees just enough to sustain the running costs of the school.







Our Mission
  • To provide holistic education, promote responsible citizenship, value-based education, inculcate modern scientific attitude, empowerment of the rural youth and an integral development of the whole personality, so as to bring out the best in each child.
  • To initiate child friendly atmosphere in the school, encourage independent thinking process in the students by providing firm foundation of values.
  • To help our students understand Indiaís glorious heritage and be proud of it.
  • To provide opportunities to bring out their potential in the field of Arts, Sports and Literature.
  • To shape the young minds in such a way as to make them knowledgeable, self-reliant, disciplined, innovative, creative, trustworthy and just citizens of India and the World.

What do we do to realize such a great mission
  • We are developing a teaching staff which is professional and committed to their mission.
  • We are giving real life experiences through experiments, projects, field trips, workshops and camps. These activities are designed to make children curious about nature, develop intellectual skills such as observation, analysis and thus develop scientific attitude.
  • We are creating different outlets for the students such as 'Aryabhatt Sky Gazerís Club', 'Kalidas Katta' to express their poetic and literary outbursts & ' Vriksha Mitra' to develop a botanical garden and become nature conscious.
  • We motivate our students to participate in various competitive examinations such as Scholarships, MTS, NTS, Olympiads, etc. to sharpen their academic skills.
  • We organize competitions to bring out the dormant talents so that one day they should earn name and fame.
  • School conducts various skillful physical activities such as Rope Mallakhamb, fixed wooden Mallakhamb, Hanging Mallakhamb, and Yogasan. The school will have a giant feather in its cap by adding ultra modern Sports Complex which will cater for different athletic activities such as running, swimming, etc.
  • We have developed House System, by which the entire school is divided into Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz Houses to encourage healthy competition among the students and build up leadership qualities in them. We expect children to learn self discipline, commitment to excellence, adherence to values, obedience to rules and regulations through this system.

Rules and Regulations of the School

Pillars of Strength and Guidance

Shree Ashok R JoshiShree Vikas Walawalkar





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